Duquesne Light Mobile Payments App Reviews

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Garbage app

Looks like it was written by jr high school kid as a first project. Poor execution, account number copied off the web site does not work. It doesn’t recognize the dashes that are part of the acct number that is used on paper bills, website, etc. doesn’t use fingerprint recognition. Doesn’t offer paypal that is offered on website. No Apple Pay, why even make an app without Apple Pay??? Who knows how secure it is holding your cc number. Deleted after 5 minutes of using. Pure crap

Account number randomly changes

I also have found that this app now populates a different account number each time I login-even different ones several times in a row when I try logging in again after I realize the last 4 digits aren’t mine. Each time my bill amount is listed, but the account number is different. Looks like I will go back to paying online or by phone. When I mentioned the app wasn’t working correctly when I called to pay several months ago, I was told by the DL person to try to delete and reinstall the app...not a workable solution or a proper response.


You could be paying someone else’s bill. You can’t view the whole account number and sometimes it changes on its own without consent. It’s happened to me where I unknowingly paid a strangers bill for several months before finding a shut off notice mailed to me. Just call to pay, there’s a convenience fee regardless so your not missing out.

Can't even pay a bill

Not only I can't pay my bill but it never seems to save my payment information. Useless app. 😡👎

Wow...you can pay a bill

Aside from pay your bill, this app is useless.

Unless you don't mind paying fees

Not for me. Remove the fees perhaps I might use it in the future.


Works great. Handy to have on my ios. There is always a payment to use one charge card.

No feedback

Just crashes. Feedback channel goes nowhere. This would be a violation of the App Store standards, no?

Why bother?

App works, but charges $2.50 per transaction. Defeats the purpose.


Charges $2.50 which I don't mind but can't even pay with credit card. They want your full account/routing number and that's kinda shady. Not using.


As others have mentioned, DO NOT USE!!!! Charges a fee per transaction. Just pay via website!!!!

Don't Use The Ap!

Ap wants to charge you $2.50 to pay your bill.

Forces you to pay processing fee

Useful, but there is no option for scheduling a one-time payment for free like they offer on the actual website. The app only offers the "Pay Now" option, which charges a $2.50 fee.

Rating on 2 uses

I only used this twice to pay my bill, it did operate smoothly. So far so good...

Not sure

This app worked fine for a few months, now when I go to check my bill the app closes immediately after signing in? It was a great app to see my bill & budget. Please work out the bugs so I can use it again!


Nice app, but im not going to pay a $2.50 fee to pay my bill. Mailing it, is still cheaper


Just look at all the other one star reviews... It's garbage... I don't want to give it one star or no stars... This waste of time owes me stars!!!


Tried paying my bill and it says I have a balance of $0.00. I log in again and it says something different. Then the app crashes.

Can I give it a zero?!

Just like Duquesne Light itself this app is not customer friendly. Crashes after .5 second trying to loaf.

What's the deal?

I downloaded for my iPhone five with the latest software updates and it just won't open

No stars for this.

App crashes after half a second.


So I installed the app to make it easier to pay my bill. Unfortunately when it loads it instantly crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it keeps crashing! Please fix this as soon as possible.

Will Not Open

Downloaded to make it easier to pay my bill. The app load screen appears for a split second, then the app crashes. On the iPhone 5.


Great App for Duquesne Light utility customers who want to pay their utility payments on the go.

Good app but I'm not using it

I deleted this app as soon as I saw that it had a $2.50 fee for making a payment through the app. Instead I went on safari and set my payment up through the Duquesne light website for free.

Does not work at all

I was so happy to finally have a app for my electric bill but that happiness also crashed like the app. Please fix. It's 2013, there should be a app for utilities.

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